Of or pertaining to dreams. Also see cryptic, fanciful, fantastic, fantasy, gestalt, mystery, Rorschach test, Surrealism, and Symbolism.

Glossary of Art Terms. 2014.

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  • oneiric — (adj.) 1859, from Gk. oneiros a dream + IC (Cf. ic) …   Etymology dictionary

  • oneiric — [ō nī′rik] adj. [< Gr oneiros, a dream + IC] of or having to do with dreams …   English World dictionary

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  • Oneiric (film theory) — The 1950s genre of film noir is noted for its use of dream like imagery (pictured here: two silhouetted figures in the 1955 film The Big Combo). In a film theory context, the term oneiric (/oʊˈnaɪrɪk/; pertaining to dream ) refers to the… …   Wikipedia

  • oneiric — adjective Etymology: Greek oneiros dream; akin to Armenian anurǰ dream Date: 1859 of or relating to dreams ; dreamy • oneirically adverb …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • oneiric — /oh nuy rik/, adj. of or pertaining to dreams. [1855 60; < Gk óneir(os) dream + IC] * * * …   Universalium

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  • Oneiric — Relating to dreams; dream like. From the Greek oneiros (dream). See oneirophrenia. * * * 1. Pertaining to dreams. 2. Pertaining to the clinical state of oneirophrenia. SYN: oniric. [G. oneiros, dream] * * * onei·ric ō nī rik adj 1) of or relating …   Medical dictionary

  • oneiric — əʊ naɪrɪk adj. of dreams …   English contemporary dictionary

  • oneiric — [ə(ʊ) nʌɪrɪk] adjective formal relating to dreams or dreaming …   English new terms dictionary

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